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We are delighted to present the SESDG Super League for our members. Fantastic prizes including rugs, sashes and much more by kind sponsorship of Equikro Equestrian!
All members are automatically eligible to win the fabulous prizes. Points will be allocated to Rider & horse/pony combinations competing at each level whether you are Unaffiliated or Affiliated. 
Please note: previous league winners will not be eligible to accumulate points at the level they won at in future years.  
Points will be awarded on percentages scored over 60% rather than placings in each class you compete in. 
60.00 - 61.99% 1pt
62.00 - 63.99% 2pt
64.00 - 65.99% 3pt
66.00 - 67.99% 4pt
68.00 - 69.99% 5pt
70.00 - 71.99% 6pt
72.00 - 73.99% 7pt
74.00 - 75.99% 8pt
76.00 - 77.99% 9pt
78.00 - 79.99% 10pt
80.00%+ 11pt
The Super League will have the following sections;
FEI (Advanced Medium to Grand Prix)
There will be a special prize for the overall Rider 40 years old and over, Rider 16 years old and under, Young Horse/Pony (4-6 years old) and Veteran Horse/Pony (15 years and over) with the highest points. 
The top 3 members from each section of the league will receive generous prizes at our AGM.