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Training & Events

Whatever level you are riding at, you can take advantage of the affordable and frequent training sessions organised by our Group. Where possible we will use venues which, along with having excellent facilities, won't add a significant increase to the cost of your session. 

To claim your discount enter your membership code in the Organiser Membership Number field on Horse Monkey when prompted. Please ensure you are using your current year membership number. 

Training is open to Junior members as well as Seniors.

 2024 Major Dates

  • Club Camp 17 & 18 May @ SNEC including Music Clinic
 Michael Eilberg Clinic 12 & 13 June
Michael Eilberg Clinic 24 & 25 July @ SNEC

 SESDG are proud to be supporting the British Dressage Summer Regional Championship 9 to 11 Aug @ SNEC
Michael Eilberg Clinic 25 & 26 Sept

 Annual Autumn Dressage Show 27 October @ SNEC
 Michael Eilberg Clinic 14 & 15 Nov @ SNEC

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