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Whatever level you are riding at, you can take advantage of the affordable and frequent training sessions organised by our Group. Where possible we will use venues which, along with having excellent facilities, won't add a significant increase to the cost of your session. 
Please note we use Horse Monkey for event booking, prices are shown at the non-members rates and members must enter their membership number to receive their membership discount. There is a small payment fee when using, however paying by Debit cards is less than a second class stamp. 
To claim your discount enter your membership number in the Venue/Organiser Membership Number field on Horse Monkey when prompted. Please ensure you are using your current year membership number. 
Training is open to Junior members as well as Seniors.
Save the date!
SESDG Open Dressage Show 18th April & 19th Sept
Club Day 2nd May @ Rockrose & 7th Nov @ SNEC

Rockrose Equestrian Centre

Rockrose Dressage Shows

We are proud to support Rockrose and their Unaffiliated and BD Affiliated Dressage Shows. Each show runs from Intro to Inter 1 level.

Dates for 2020 are:

Saturday 18th Jan

Saturday 15th Feb

Saturday 14th March

11th & 12th Apr (including music)

23rd & 24th May (both days running to Advanced Medium, including music)

6th & 7th June (Rockrose Dressage Festival, including music)

18th & 19th July

21st-23rd Aug (BD Scottish Dressage Championships, including music)

Sunday 27th Sept (reduced schedule up to Elementary) 

Saturday 24th Oct (including music)

Sunday 15 Nov

Our members receive a discount on all entry fees at these shows

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